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Taxonomic Keys:

(1.03 MB) Embiidina - Embioptera: Webspinners

(1.03 MB) Mecoptera - Scorpionflies

(1.03 MB) Phasmisda - Walkingsticks

(0.13 MB) Plecoptera - Stoneflies

(3.09 MB) Protura

(0.59 MB) Psocoptera - Booklice and Barklice

(2.06 MB) Thysanoptera - Thrips

Other pdf files:

(0.85 MB) Caudell, A. N. 1912. Notes on the mantid genus Gonatista Sauss. Psyche 19(5): 160-162.

(24.44 MB) Chamberlin, R. V. 1918. The Chilopoda and Diplopoda of the West Indies. Bull. Mus. Comp. Zool. 62: 150-262.

(13.25 MB) Goodnight, C. J. and M. L. Goodnight. 1942. Phalangids from Central America and the West Indies. Amer. Mus. Novit. 1184: 1-23.

(2.79 MB) Goodnight, C. J. and M. L. Goodnight. 1943. Three new phalangids from Tropical America. Amer. Mus.Novit. 1228: 1-4.

(4.83 MB) Holsinger, J. R. and S. B. Peck. 1968. A new genus and species of sunterranean amphipod (Gammaridae) from Puerto Rico, with notes on its ecology, evolution and relationship to other Caribbean amphipods. Crustaceana 15(3): 248-262.

(1.79 MB) Moxey, C. F. 1971. Notes on the Phasmatodea of the West Indies: Two new genera. Psyche 78(1/2): 67-83.

Additional references:


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