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About: the ATBI & Management

Goal: Provide data to park managers to inform management plans and decisions

park ranger and visitor in vegetationThe challenge for park resource managers is to incorporate the wealth of biodiversity information collected by the ATBI into their management efforts. Invertebrates have not traditionally been the focus of management plans, save for a few rare charismatic species, such as butterflies, or "pest" species, such as mosquitoes. There are, however, many more opportunities for utilizing information on insect biodiversity in the park, for instance:

  • Establishing baseline data for future monitoring efforts (e.g., monitoring pollinators associated with native plant restoration projects).

  • Documenting and protecting significant microhabitats for biodiversity.

  • Monitoring exotic species introductions into Boston Harbor, a busy international port.

  • Developing a plan to use "indicator taxa" for assessing ecosystem integrity.

  • Contributing data to regional or nationwide databases for use in large-scale studies, such as effects of global climate change on species distributions.