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Boston Harbor Island # of Species # of Specimens
Great Brewster 385 6532
Bumpkin 382 2813
Calf 346 6176
Georges 28 95
Grape 590 18421
Langlee 270 2216
Lovell's 198 1217
Ragged 363 3849
Rainsford 21 36
Snake 257 3321
Spectacle 340 5519
Thompson 793 12313
World's End 810 7288
Date last updated: Sept. 7, 2011


boston harbor islands map

The Museum of Comparative Zoology at Harvard University and Boston Harbor Islands Partnership are collaborating to conduct an All Taxa Biodiversity Inventory (ATBI) of Boston Harbor Islands national park area. The project focuses on the "microwilderness" of the islands, namely, insects and other invertebrates. This extremely diverse group of animals is easily sampled, yet often overlooked.

Our goal is to combine scientific research with public education, and to foster an appreciation for the amazing biological diversity that exists within Boston Harbor.

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Malaise trap on Great Brewster, looking across water

Top: Map of Boston Harbor Islands, courtesy of the National Park Service

Bottom: Malaise trap on Great Brewster Island