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We have developed both field-based and classroom-based curricula aimed at middle school students.

On the islands

students working at a picnic tableStudents make observations and/or collect insects with nets and other equipment, and then spend time examining, classifying, and identifying their catch. Students fill out data sheets and compare the fauna of different habitats.

In the classroom

Students learn about the diversity of insect life hidden in their own backyards through an interactive presentation, a 3-D slideshow, and a hands-on identification activity with real specimens collected on the Boston Harbor Islands encased in plastic resin. Ecological roles of insects are also emphasized.

students and rangers in the classroomresin blocks with insects embedded within


Web-based activities

Coming soon! With Mathematica player (download for free), students can explore the ATBI database and extract data on various insect species in easily interpretable maps, charts, and graphs.  Design your own insect sampling plan—where, when, and how will you catch your bug?