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Country: United  States
State: Massachusetts
County: Suffolk
Locality: Rainsford  Island
Locality Notes: JR  lost  jar  of  insects;  MV  caught  bees
Start Date: 07/15/2008
End Date:
Species Count: 6
Specimen Count: 7
Dissosteira  carolina  (Linnaeus),  1758 MCZ-ENT00621694:
Spharagemon  sp.  MCZ-ENT00621701: nymph
Lasioglossum  sp.  MCZ-ENT00625761: adult
Lasioglossum  sp.  MCZ-ENT00625765: adult
Harmonia  axyridis  (Pallas),  1773 MCZ-ENT00602478: adult
Formica  incerta  Buren,  1944 MCZ-ENT00615666: worker
Anagrapha  falcifera  (Kirby),  1837 MCZ-ENT00622595: adult