Database help - Boston Harbor Islands biodiversity @ Harvard

Help Using the Caribbean Database

  1. Searching is case-insensitive.
  2. Use the "All Taxonomy" field to enter any taxonomic level (e.g., class, order, family, genus, species)
  3. You can use the following symbols to perform more advanced searches:
    • "=" sign followed by a word will look for the exact spelling e.g., =Mantis will find all species of the genus Mantis but not Mantispa
    • "*"sign followed by a combination of letters will find all records having entries ending in this combination e.g., *cephalus will find Conocephalus, Brachycephalus etc.
    • "*"sign inserted between two combinations of letters will find all records having entries beginning and ending with these combinations e.g., v*sus will find vitosus, variolosus etc.
  4. To speed up the searches try to use multiple criteria to limit the number of found records- the greatest time is spent in sorting large numbers of records.