Harvard University's Caribbean Insects: Taxonomic Literature

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Taxonomic Literature of the Caribbean

Click on the link below to view comprehensive listings of Caribbean insect taxonomic scientific literature. Citations are referenced from a searchable database.

The students who participated in the Insect Systematics course produced electronic (PDF) files of relevant taxonomic papers which total some 5000 pages of literature. Citations in the searchable database that are available online are indicated in the PDF column - click on the link to download. Each will open in a new window with Adobe Reader. In some cases, the initial view is sideways, so you may need to use the Rotate Clockwise (or Counterclockwise) tool to position the document for proper viewing. Some of these files are large so downloads may take a long time with a dial-up connection.

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To a large extent the students were guided in their searches for literature by the very comprehensive bibliography compiled by Daniel E. Pérez-Gelabert; Bibliography of Hispaniolan Arthropods - Dominican Republic and Haiti. To download a pdf of this publication click here. (note that parts of this document are in Spanish)

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