Relics (University of Chicago Press 2011)

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"Relics" is offiicially out and can be ordered now!

Piotr Naskrecki's latest book "Relics: Travels in Nature's Time Machine" is an exploration of some of Earth's oldest lineages and ecosystems.

From the preface by Cristina Goettsch Mittermeier:
"[...] Naskrecki’s images reveal the existence of a world very few of us know about, that of relict organisms and ecosystems. These organisms are living testimony of our planet’s evolutionary history, and they often serve as preservation capsules for genetic diversity and environmental conditions that have otherwise disappeared from our planet. [...] The magnificent images in this book will no doubt capture the world’s attention. They will find their place in the hands of influential decision-makers and they will hopefully shape their perceptions. As they travel, they will become ambassadors for a world that is changing fast."

"Relics is an exciting, adventure-filled, and scientifically important presentation by one of the world's best naturalist and photographers."--Edward O. Wilson

Also available in French and Korean translations.

Reliques 유물

  Still Counting. . . (Conservation International 2011)

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(or download a free PDF version of this book)

This book celebrates the 20th anniversary of the Rapid Assessment Program of Conservation International. Piotr was both one of the editors and the chief designer of this book; it also contains chapters writen by him and about 150 of his photos.

From the back cover:

"This exciting book outlines the inception, history, and achievements of Conservation International's Rapid Assessment Program (RAP) over its first two decades, 1990-2010. The philosophy and methodology of RAP, its major goals and results, and the "feet-in-the-mud" attitude that has made the program so effective are featured. The book profiles nearly 80 expeditions to some of the most remote but often highly threatened sites around the world, highlighting the impacts of RAP surveys in relatio to the establishment and improvement of protected areas, the discovery of species new to science, scientific capacity building, spatial planning for conservation, and enhancing human well-being. The book also features fascinating, personal stories from the field. Illustrated with hundreds of photos taken during the RAP surveys, this book includes the first photos of many newly discovered species of animals and plants, and other rarely photographed jewels of terrestrial, freshwater and marine biodiversity.


  The Smaller Majority (Harvard University Press 2005)

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Piotr Naskrecki is a master at portraying miniature worlds. He combines two skills that are rarely found in one person: as a conservation biologist, he can speak about his subjects with authority and conviction; as a photographer, he makes them come alive with astonishing close-ups. This book is a treasure house of images and information about a world most of us are barely aware of.
--Frans Lanting, photographer

Imagine Gulliver just back from Lilliput. That is the entirely pleasurable feeling a reader will have after traveling through The Smaller Majority. Among the spineless wonders captured in macrophotos are giraffe weevils, tiger beetles, ant lions, shovel-snouted lizards and even a ghost-crab, dancing...The Smaller Majority, vividly written as well as shot by Mr. Naskrecki, an insect biologist, delivers itself of any number of astonishing facts...Small is beautiful--and powerful, too.
--Patti Hagan (Wall Street Journal)

The Smaller Majority represents the best kind of nature writing: by a scientific expert of the subject, beautifully illustrated, and with striking, original examples.
--Edward O. Wilson

  Other books
KCR Revivify notes
Naskrecki, P. 2000. Katydids of Costa Rica. Vol. 1: Systematics and bioacoustics of the cone-head katydids. Philadelphia (Publications on Orthoptera Diversity, The Orthopterists' Society), 164 pp + CD ROM (A monographic treatment of Costa Rican conehead katydids) Naskrecki, P. and K. Nishida. 2008. よみがえれ カエルのうた (Revivify chorus of frogs). Aquamarine Fukushima. (A companion book to my and Kenji Nishida's photo exhibit in Fukushima, Japan)

Canfield, M.R. (ed.)2011. Field Notes on Science and Nature. Harvard University Press, 320 pp. (includes my chapter on databases)


hotspots wildlife pheidole
Mittermeir, R. et al. 2005. Hotspots Revisited. Conservation International, 392 pp. (I co-authored the introduction and provided many photos) Mittermeir, R. et al. 2003. Wildlife Spectacles. Conservation International, 324 pp. (includes two chapters written by me) Wilson, E.O. 2003. Pheidole in the New World. Harvard University Press, 818 pp. (includes a CD ROM I developed with Sarah Ashworth)
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