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Publications on Orthopteran Diversity

 "Publications on Orthopteran Diversity" is a series dealing with large taxonomic groups of Orthoptera s.l. or monographic treatments of orthopteran faunas of various regions of the world. The series now includes the following publications:




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The Grasshoppers (Caelifera) of Costa Rica and Panama

The first comprehensive treatment of grasshoppers (Caelifera) of Costa Rica and Panama.

C.H.F. Rowell 25

Carribean crickets

This book represents the first comprehensive assessment of the fauna of Caribbean crickets to date. It treats 585 cricket species, of which 458 are described as new species. Of the total 539 island species, 420 species are new to science. An additional 15 new species from surrounding continental areas are described.

D. Otte and D. Perez-Gelabert


Crickets of Hawaii: Origin, systematics and evolution

A monograph of the incredibly rich and interesting cricket fauna of the Hawaian islands. This book discusses the history and evolution of crickets of the islands, and provides a complete taxonomic treatment of the fauna.

D.Otte 25

Orthoptera Species File by Daniel Otte - this monumental, multi-volume work is a complete taxonomic and synonymic catalog of the Orthoptera of the world. Taxonomic entries include data on type localities, type depositories, taxonomic references, and full synonymy.

OSF 1: Crickets (Grylloidea)

D.Otte 15

OSF 2: Grasshoppers (Acridomorpha). A.

D.Otte 15

OSF 3: Grasshoppers (Acridomorpha). B.

D.Otte 15

OSF 4: Grasshoppers (Acridomorpha). C.

D.Otte 20

OSF 5: Grasshoppers (Acridomorpha). D.

D.Otte 20

OSF 6: Tetridoidea+Tridactyloidea

D.Otte 15

OSF 7: Tettigonioidea

D.Otte 25

OSF 8: Gryllacrididae, Stenopelmatidae, Cooloolidae, Schizodactylidae, Anastostomatidae, and Rhaphidophoridae

D.Otte 25

Acridomorph (Orthoptera) species of Argentina and Uruguay

Carlos S. Carbonell, Maria Marta Cigliano and Carlos E. Lange


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Katydids of Costa Rica, Vol. 1. Systematics and bioacoustics of the cone-head katydids

This book discusses the biology and taxonomy of 3 subfamiles of Costa Rican Tettigoniidae. This book includes a CD ROM with sound recordings, expanded keys, and hundreds of images of Costa Rican katydids.

P. Naskrecki download pdf

The Grasshopper Tribe Phaeopariini (Acridoidea: Romaleidae)

C. Carbonell 15

Endocrine Research in Orthopteran Insects (1983)

M. P. Pener 5

Ordering: Order "Crickets. of Hawaii", "OSF 1-7", and "CDROM, Illustr. Cat. of Orth." from Dr. Daniel Otte, Entomology Department, Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia, 1900 Benj. Franklin Pkwy. Philadelphia, PA 19103-1195. Checks (US or US correspondent bank) and money orders will be accepted. Make checks and money orders payable to the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia.

Shipping charges are as follows: throughout the US $ 4; Canada $10, Mexico $30; South America $35; Europe and the Near East, and Africa $35; Australia, New Zealand, and the Eastern Hemisphere $40.

Ordering: Order "Grasshoppers of Costa Rica and Panama", "Carribean crickets"," OSF 8", "J. Orthoptera Res.", "Katydids of Costa Rica"," The Grasshopper Tribe Phaeopariini", and "Endocrine Research" from: Pamela Mihm, 2417 Fields South Drive, Champaign, IL 61822, USA. Checks (US or US correspondent bank) and money orders will be accepted. Please make checks and money orders payable to the Orthopterists’ Society.

Shipping charges are as follows: throughout the US $ 18; elsewhere $50 (shipping charges may be higher to Asia-South Pacific).

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