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Membership is open to all persons, professional and amateur, with an interest in Orthoptera and related orders. Annual dues are US$20 for regular or institutional members, and US$10 for students. A free subscription to the newsletter comes with membership, but other publications are in addition to dues. The Society takes pride in offering sponsored memberships and subscriptions for orthopterists whose funds are limited or who reside in countries where US currency is difficult to obtain.

The Society serves its membership through:

  • The refereed Journal of Orthoptera Research has been published once a year since 1992 (twice a year since 2001) and is the outlet for regular peer-reviewed research papers; a subscription costs US$30 for all members and institutions. Tables of contents are all available on this website.
  • International Meetings are held every three or four years at different locations throughout the world, the most recent one was held in Antalya, Turkey in June 2009.
  • Publications on Orthopteran Diversity are a series of books that include the Crickets of the Hawaiian Islands, an eight-volume modern, world-wide catalog "Orthoptera Species File," and the first volume of a series, "The Katydids of Costa Rica."
  • The society's newsletter Metaleptea is published twice a year and contains informal articles, news items, and announcements; online downloadable copies of the last few issues are available on this website. This newsletter is now published electronically. All publications can be ordered from the Executive Director, and back issues of most are still available.
  • Its Research Committee,which offers a competitive program of small grants (currently US$ 500-1,000) to young professionals and graduate students for basic research in Orthoptera and the innovative presentation of the results of those studies.
  • Its cooperation with the Orthoptera Species File online (OSF, http://orthoptera.speciesfile.org/), the leading online resource for taxonomic and nomenclatural data on Orthoptera

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