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Publications of the Orthopterists' Society

JOR Journal of Orthoptera Research, published twice each year, contains peer-reviewed papers on all aspects of original work on Orthoptera and their allies. Papers are invited in all fields of biology.
Metaleptea Metaleptea, the society's newsletter, is issued 2-4 times a year. It contains news about the society's meetings and publications, information about members, book reviews, and short articles about members' research projects and other Orthoptera-related matters. It is free to all members of the society.
Books Books: Publications on Orthopteran Diversity are issued irregularly, and include Daniel Otte's eight volumes of the "Orthoptera Species File" and his "Crickets of Hawaii" as well as recently published "Caribbean crickets" by D. Otte and D. Perez-Gelabert, and Piotr Naskrecki's "Katydids of Costa Rica".


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